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The Building Futures Network

Read below to learn more or click here to link to the BFN.

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) is inviting individuals and community-based organizations to become part of the Building Futures Network, a network that helps Canadians to save for the future education and training of their children.

The Building Futures Network

The Building Futures Network:

  • supports organizations in their efforts to help Canadians understand the importance of saving for future education costs,
  • provides access to concise, clear answers to the "Top 50 Questions" that Canadians tend to have about saving for future education costs,
  • provides current news and information on savings programs that can help enhance household savings activities,
  • provides free online access to tools and resources that can help Canadians in the target groups to improve saving for the future,
  • provides access to a "Help Line" that can respond to questions and inquiries and the need for additional information, and
  • provides access to links to many other organizations and resources that can provide assistance.

In addition, there will be other features of the Building Futures Network. These will include the following.

Increase Your Savings: See How Little Changes Can Add Up

A key feature of The Building Futures Network web site is the Savings Monitor. This interactive, on-line resource will enable individuals, or households, to see the impact and effect of steps they take, and changes they make, to increase their savings ability - for example, eating out one less time each week and saving a target of $30 a week, borrowing movies from the library rather than renting them and aiming to save $10 a month, saving $5 a week on groceries by using coupons, taking public transit twice a week and aiming to save $30 a month, and so on.

Newcomers to Canada DayPlanner

The Building Futures Network also provides access to the Newcomers to Canada DayPlanner, which assists newcomers with their efforts to build a new future for themselves and their families in Canada.

We believe the Building Futures Network can help organizations throughout Canada affect the lives of many Canadians - for the better - both today and in the future. We would welcome the opportunity to help support you in your efforts.