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Hello and Welcome!
The Virtual Adviser has been designed to help you with decisions and challenges related to MONEY and WORK.
  • Below you can select the theme that interests you: "MONEY" or "WORK."
  • Once you make your selection, you will find a list of Topics. We hope you find a topic that relates to questions you may have about the theme you have chosen.
  • When you click on the Topic, you will come to a brief description of the topic followed by a list of related questions. Click on any question that interests you and you will find a Suggested Answer and some helpful links.
  • If you have a question that we have not included, click on "Contact Us" and e-mail us your question. We will try to get an answer for you.


Registering as a "Facilitator"
  • If you are currently working as a facilitator assisting Canadians with their economic and financial challenges, you can apply to register as a VA "Facilitator" and be able to access additional help from the Virtual Adviser. Click here for info on registering as a facilitator.
  • If you are registered as a "Facilitator" but would like to apply to be a "Contributor," please click here and it will indicate where you can apply to be a "Contributor."