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Info on Registering as a Facilitator
  • There is no cost to register as a "Facilitator" and be able to access the "Advice" section of the VA. However, you must be an employee of a community service agency, a teacher in a school, a government employee, or in a position where you are working to help Canadians with their money and work challenges. If you wish to register, please complete the registration form and submit it. We will verify that you are in a position to provide help to Canadians with their MONEY and WORK challenges, and we will then send you your access information.

  • If you become a VA "Facilitator":

    • You will be able to access the section of this web site designed especially for those who work to assist Canadians with their economic and financial challenges.

    • You will still find the Suggested Answers to the questions many of the people you work with ask. But you've told us that you often need more than answers to questions. Sometimes you need advice about how to engage those you work with, identify the issues that challenge them, approach a topic, and more. It is this type of advice that the VA aims to provide via ongoing input and suggestions from experts using this web site.
Applying to be a Contributor
  • CFEE is drawing upon the experience and expertise of a number of Canadians to contribute to the "answers" and "advice" provided in the VA. As a registered "Facilitator," you can also apply to be a "Contributor." If you are subsequently designated as a "Contributor," you will be able to submit content to us for possible posting to the VA. This is a "wiki" type approach - but rather than material being posted directly, it will go to the site "Administrator" for review, edit, and, if approved, posting. If you are currently registered as a "Facilitator" and would like to be considered as a "Contributor," please click here.

  • Note: If you register for the Virtual Adviser, you may also be interested in becoming a member of our Building Futures Network. The Building Futures Network, and Network site, aim to assist Canadians with the challenges of saving, especially for post-secondary education. Click here to learn more about The Building Futures Network.