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The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education:
  • was established in 1974 as a nationwide, non-profit, non-partisan organization

  • works to promote and assist the enhanced economic capability of Canadians — that is, to increase the extent to which Canadians assume their economic roles, and make economic decisions, with competence and confidence

  • is involved in a wide range of activities — resource production, research, curriculum development, seminars, workshops, conferences, and strategic planning/advisory services — to achieve our goal

  • produces resources, both teaching kits and student materials, on the economy, economics, and entrepreneurship in all formats — print, video, and CD-ROM in both official languages

  • maintains a database of more than 5,000 classroom teachers, which means our resources and programs reach approximately 300,000 students across Canada each year

  • works in collaboration with provincial Ministries and Departments of Education

  • has worked on major projects in partnership with many organizations, including Finance Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, the Bank of Canada, the Canadian Bankers Association, the Royal Bank of Canada, the National Film Board, and Investors Group

  • has distributed close to half a million copies of resource materials for use by educators in schools across Canada

  • receives over 90 per cent of its funding from project activity, requiring and assuring its operation as an entrepreneurial non-profit organization